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About the Company

Company Founder Claudia Yi Leon has been a freelance Visual Effects Artist in the LA Film & TV industry since 2002. She has B.A. degrees in Physics and Applied Math from UC Berkeley and an MS in Information Design from Georgia Tech. Most recently, she was the valedictorian of the Master's of Taxation (MST) class of 2018 at Cal State Northridge.

Many Happy Returns is a tax consultancy for artists, creatives, right-brains, left-brains, big-brains, and everything in between.  

Our #LifeGoals

  • Using every corner of the tax code to reach the lowest tax allowed

  • Keeping abreast of new tax laws to avoid mistakes and penalties

  • Educating and empowering clients to be active stakeholders in their own financial lives

  • Encouraging good financial habits and a healthy financial future through planning 

  • Making the taxpaying process transparent

© 2020 Many Happy Returns LLC.  All Rights Reserved.

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